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RTA Iceberg White Shaker 10x10 Kitchen Cabinets

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10x10 Kitchen Cabinets
RTA Iceberg White Shaker 10x10 Kitchen Cabinets

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The Iceberg White Shaker Cabinet features a full overlay door and 100% solid plywood construction

This 10x10 kitchen includes the following products:

BBC42 - 42" Blind Base Cabinet

SB36 - 36" Sink Base Cabinet

B21 - 21" Base Cabinet

B27 - 27" Base Cabinet

W1530 - 15"W x 30"H Wall Cabinet

W2130 - 21"W x 30"H Wall Cabinet

W2430 - 24"W x 30"H Wall Cabinet

W3030 - 30"W x 30"H Wall Cabinet

W3012 (x2) - Two 30"W x 12"H Wall Cabinet

WDC2430 - 24"W x 30"H Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet

BF3 - 3" Base Filler

TK8 (x2) - Two 8' Toe Kick