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Ball Bearing Glides

What are Ball Bearing Glides?


ball bearing glides
The world has technologically advanced, and if someone out there thought that it has left the section of our cabinets behind then, they have a reason to think again. We no longer have to be having stress with issues of our drawers anymore. There was a tie that you would send your daughter to pick you something form the drawer, but they will comeback empty handed because the kind of drawers we have installed doesn’t allow for the easiest of drawing and closing. Ball bearing glides are here to give us something to smile about eventually. Let us have a look at some of the advantages behind these glides that come about with these ball bearing glides that should make us opt for their services and not what we are used to. 

The advantage behind these glides, first of all, is the fact that they wrap around the shelf for firm support. What this means is that despite fact they will be screwed for firmness eventually, they still need an extra support lest they fall off and cause inconvenience. You as well have the flexibility to choose between full extension and standard glides and as if that is not enough, they come with different inches ranging from 14’ to 22’’.

These glides as well are partly made of steel and partly made of zinc. What this mean is that you will have a no-rust spell for along period of time. Some of the metals that are used to make ordinary glides get rust eventually and the ease of use and their durability are greatly reduced.

These glides are very easy to install because of how they have been adapted to grip the shelves. What one needs to do is to look for a professional who has the experience of installing these drawers and make sure that after they have fixed the screws, they apply glue on top of it to ensure that they are intact and firm on the drawers.

The fact that they have ball bearings means that they come with ease opening and closing. This means that even your young kid have the ability to open and close the drawers. You do not have to remain stuck in the past when technology is giving you an efficient way of going about things. The fact that these glides are quite quality means that you will have a tinge of class even on your cabinets and they are bound to stay working for a reasonable length of time.