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Butt Doors

What are Butt Doors?

Butt doors are essentially two doors that open toward one another. In addition, Butt Doors can also refer to a double set of doors that do not have a middle separation. Many times double doors have a piece of wood in between which separate the doors Butt Doors have no separation. Butt Doors

Butt type doors are almost always arranged so that a small space exists between the doors. It is possible that a 1/4 to 1 inch space exists between a set of Butt Doors. The fact that doors of this nature have no middle section allow for more space to store items. 

*Where Butt Doors Are Found within the Home:

Butt Doors can commonly be found in several areas of the house. Butt Doors can be found within the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and or utility room. Butt Doors within a utility room would allow the homeowner to store important things such as laundry soap, paint, insecticides, paper towels and other household items. 

Butt Doors within the kitchen area would allow storage space for cereal, spices, bread, can goods and other food related items. Butt Doors are available in various styles, sizes and colors. Butt Doors are available in wood as well as Formica. 

Purchase & Installation:

Doors of this kind can easily be purchased at almost any home improvement outlet. In addition, Butt Doors may be special ordered from various web Internet sites. Butt Doors are priced according to type of material used to make the doors as well as size and width of doors. 

Butt Doors are also available in an antique pattern. In addition, antique style hinges may be added to give the doors an extra flair and touch of class. Keep in mind, these type of doors can be used in various places within the home.

Installation of this type of door is quite easy. However, it may be wise to hire a professional to install Butt Doors. A professional will have the proper installation tools including tape measures. Plain Butt Doors can be painted any color you choose once installed. The doors may need at least two days to properly dry.