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Cam Locks

What are Cam Locks?

 Cam locks

Cam locks are quite popular and they have a variety of uses and applications. Cam locks are used many times within the workplace. Locks of this nature can greatly improve security within a place of business. 

The majority of Cam locks are convenient, easy to install and they are cost effective. Cam locks are typically used with file cabinets, desk drawers, portable safes as well as mailboxes. There are a variety of Cam locks currently available.

The Disc Tumbler Cam lock is commonly used for file cabinets and other areas within an office setting that need to be secured. The Disc Tumbler Cam lock is made from stainless steel and can be purchased for around $10.00. 

The Tumbler Cam lock for mailboxes provide exceptional security. In addition, this kind of lock is available with a fine nickel finish that will not rust or tarnish. The Cam lock for mailboxes can be easily purchased for about $12.00. 

The Thumb Turn Cam lock is easy to operate with just the turn of a button. Turning the button to the right will cause the device to lock. Turning the button to the left will release or unlock the tiny compact device. This type of lock has a variety of used and applications within the home or workplace.

Cam locks can also be used outdoors. Weather resistant Cam locks would be a wise choice if you plan to use Cam locks outdoors. You do need a lock that is durable and will be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

The Northeast Lock Corporation has one of the largest selections of Cam locks to choose from. The company sells Cam locks for every day use as well as Cam locks for high security situations. The company also sells removable Cam locks and MVP Cam locks. The Northeast Lock Corporation will also ensure fast delivery to US residents.

Cam type locks can be purchased at a variety of hardware or home improvement outlets. In addition, Cam locks can be purchased online from a variety of Internet based web sites. Most locks will come with a minimum of two keys. Additional keys may be purchased or duplicated.