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What is a DADO?

A dado is the joining part of the upper and the base ply woods during the construction of a cabinet, whether having the face front or not. Many construction styles always seem to have the use of a dado as their fundamental points. Face frame cabinets need the element of a dado joint. Cabinet makers use a range of screws including pocket screws to make the dado on the frames. One might think of choosing a butt joint over a dado but this won’t march the style posed by cabinets with a dado.

A dado used is the best way ridding your cabinet from the little small holes that remain after the joining has been finished. You can crank the ply woods as much as you can but without a dado there will be some small spaces at the joining area. A dado is not that expensive to make and won’t take much of a cabinet maker’s time. With appropriate machinery, this is going to be the easiest task to pull. Informed buyers will always check on the use of this highly sought for technique that is now becoming the sensation of cabinetry.

Whenever you set out to buy a cabinet or any related stuff, you should be keen to look at the joining points of the ply used in their construction. As a keen buyer who needs an equal value for their money, you should settle only on dado joined cabinetry since you now have a clue on the difference between a cabinet or book shelf that has a dado and the one that doesn’t have dado joints. For those who will a little surprised by the prices that dado cut cabinets will sell, they should understand that they also absolutely make up for the big prices.

A dado grove idea has been in use for quite a long time now. Its popularity has been rising slowly but you can be sure that we are now living the era of dado joining. Cabinetry users no longer need those gaps in the joining points of the ply. It may be difficult to note but dado joining gives a better look and improves the cabinetry appearance. Builders are avoiding the use tongues on case sides of the cabinets. The dado is stepping up for the task of joining alone and all that is needed is some glue to seal the area and make a tough joining.