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What are Exposed Hinges?

What are Exposed Hinges?

Exposed hinges are quite common and can be found on regular doors as well as cabinet and kitchen doors. For example, a hinge with exposed axle are used when designing full length doors. The Aximat 180 hinge is used for kitchen cabinet design. The Aximat exposed hinge door has a lateral and vertical adjustment. In addition, this type of door is also made with nickel plated zinc. What are Exposed Hinges?

The Aximat 230 is another commonly used door with exposed hinge. The Aximat 230 is side panel mounted and has a built in catch. In addition, the Aximat 230 also has vertical as well as lateral adjustment. A fitted plastic guard is also available with this model to protect clothing and valuables. 

Hidden hinges can always be replaced with exposed hinges. It is all a matter of personal preference. Exposed hinges are also available with bathroom vanities, utility cabinets and bedroom furniture dresser drawers. An exposed hinge is a hinge that if fully visible outside of the existing cabinet. 

Exposed Hinges: Cabinet Type:

The type of hinges you choose normally depends upon the type of cabinets that you choose. Frame-less cabinets many times have exposed hinges. In addition, Face frame cabinets also many times come with exposed hinges. Half overlay cabinets almost always have exposed hinges. 

In addition to the fully exposed hinge, a semi exposed hinge is another possibility if you prefer that style. A huge advantage to an exposed hinge is that it will allow a door to opened a full 90 degrees all of the time. Therefore, it seems exposed hinges provide more room and flexibility. 

The important thing is that you must purchase enough hinges to support each one of your doors. If a door is not properly supported will end up loose and possibly fall off after a period of time. properly securing the hinge is of critical importance. 

Exposed hinges are easy to install. There are step by step directions that any one can easily follow that will allow easy installation of almost any exposed hinge type.
Exposed hinges can be special ordered through a number of Internet based web sites.