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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are RTA Cabinets?
  2. What is the 10'x10' Kitchen Prices?
  3. How Can I Contact Customer Service?
  4. Are My Financial Details Safe When Using Cabinet Mania?
  5. Do You Offer Trade Discounts?
  6. What are your business hours?
  7. Is this cabinetry really made from solid wood?
  8. Do these cabinets require any assembly?
  9. How are the drawers constructed?
  10. Are the sides of your cabinets finished?
  11. How does the "Soft Close Door" feature work?
  12. Will the cabinets change color over time?
  13. Can I change the door swing after cabinets are installed?
  14. Where do I get glass for mullion doors?
  15. How is the interior of the cabinet finished?
  16. Is Your Cabinetry CARB2 certified?
  17. Are these cabinets strong enough to support a granite top?
  18. How is the toe kick area finished?



  1. How Long Dose it Take to Receive My Order?
  2. Do You Offer FREE Shipping?
  3. How Long Does It Take To Get My Items After Placing Order?
  4. Who Do You Use to Ship My Cabinets?
  5. Do you ship RTA Cabinets to Canada?

Assembly Instructions

  1. Base Cabinet Assembly Instructions
  2. Wall Cabinet Assembly Instructions
  3. How to Assemble a Cabinet Video

Become A Dealer

  1. How do I Become a Dealer of Your RTA Cabinets?
  2. Do You Offer Trade Discounts?


  1. What is your return policy?

Damages/Missing Items

  1. Missing / Damaged Items in Shipping?
  2. What if I discover hidden shortages or damages upon full unpacking of my order?