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Framed Cabinets

What are Framed Cabinets?

Framed cabinets are quite common and they can be found many times within the kitchen. Framed cabinets have many advantages when used within the kitchen area. Framed kitchen cabinets are more durable and provide more strength especially when used for storage purposes.what are framed cabinets?

Framed cabinets will more than likely last much longer than cabinets that have no frame. Framed hardwood around the cabinets will prevent any cabinet from sagging as time goes on. Sagging especially within the middle of the cabinet is quite common with cabinets that possess no frame. 

Framed cabinets tend to look different therfore they are more commonly used because they are stylish. Framed cabinets are designed to blend in with the cabinet door frame so everything matches perfectly. In addition, cabinets with a frame can be painted almost any color which can give the kitchen a unique look and presence. 

Frame-less cabinets have many disadvantages aside from problems with sagging. It appears that framed cabinets are constructed to last a greater number of years especially if they are painted and maintained. 

Types of Framed Cabinets:

Keyline framed cabinets are quite popular. Cabinets of this nature are specifically designed with frame on the face of the cabinet box. Inserts of the Keyline cabinets are available with a beaded or non beaded type frame which add a little extra style. 

Framed cabinets are made from plywood and oak. In addition, there are other materials that are used when designing framed cabinets. Oak framed cabinets will certainly be more costly. The type of cabinet you choose is personal choice and also has to do with the amount of money you are looking to spend. 

*Purchasing Framed cabinets & Installation:

Framed cabinets can be purchased at almost any home furnishing store or through the Internet. Framed cabinets may also be ordered from a variety of Internet based companies which can be found by doing a general Internet search. 

Prior to ordering framed cabinets for installation, proper measurements must be taken and it may be wise to hire a professional for installation purposes. There are certain tools you will need for proper installation of these cabinets.