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Half Overlay Design

What is a Half Overlay Design?

 Half Overlay Design

While you may not know what it is really called, most cabinets are made with the half overlay design or a "standard overlay". Currently, it is considered a rustic design and is highly sought after by those who are looking for a country kitchen or retro design.

A half overlay design is specifically for when two doors share a center piece of wood or wall, generally in the middle of a section of cabinets. The box is mounted one half inch away from walls on the sides. The hinges are mounted on opposite sides of the center piece, which is usually a center partition wall. The half overlay works best on framed box cabinetry, but can be used on frameless/Euro as well.

A half overlay shows around a two inch gap between the drawers and other doors; the gap shows the cabinet box frame. The half overlay was a traditional look in past decades, so if you’d like your kitchen to be rustic or country-inspired, half overlay is what you’re looking for. While door styles for half overlay may be limited, this design is optimal for more door movement without interference.

European overlay frame hinges are ideal for half overlay doors. Inset hinges can also be used. It’s all up to you during the design process. 

Half overlay doors can go on just about any framed cabinet box you’d like, just know door selection may be limited. Additionally, half overlay can be done in your kitchen or bathroom. Half overlay is generally cheaper as well because it require less filler to install.

Half overlay can also be used on stock production cabinetry, semi-custom cabinetry, and custom (or shop built) cabinetry. Stock production cabinetry usually has limited designs to choose from, semi-custom cabinetry has a broader selection of designs, and custom (or shop built) has an even bigger selection, as that is entirely custom.
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