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Cabinet Mania RTA Kitchen Design


Our kitchen design process is unique because we work with you from start to finish to make sure your kitchen design perfectly reflects your personality. Our efficient and effective kitchen design process features easy online ordering and 3 simple steps to review and complete your custom kitchen design. You'll receive a high level of personalized service all along the way that you won't find with other kitchen cabinet companies.


Creative Brief and Brainstorming Session

So you have been collecting pictures of what you want your kitchen to look like? Got all the bells and whistles picked out? Your creative brief will help us get to know you better by understanding the direction you want your kitchen to look like. From there, one of our Mania Designers will contact you by phone to discuss your project, get additional details and review ideas. You'll be on your way!

The Mania Design Team will then hold a brainstorming session to develop ideas about how best to visually design your kitchen in our 3D Design program. Unlike many other companies, Cabinet Mania takes this extra step, because we believe it's crucial to developing a custom kitchen design that perfectly reflects your ideas and vision. We'll be in touch throughout this key phase in the kitchen design process.


Initial Concepts

Once your Mania Designer has formulated several solid ideas, each designer will design a kitchen they feel best represents your ideas based on the information you provided them.

We recommend that you go over each cabinet item and that the design appeals to you. From there, you can request changes to these designs which we will complete to your specifications. measurements provided. Each designer has their own, unique style and 'voice', so you'll receive a kitchen design to choose from that represents a range of perspectives! You will then receive an email inviting you to review your original design.


 Feedback & Finalization

Our mission is to design a kitchen you’re completely happy with and you want to show off to your friends and family. With our kitchen design package, you'll get unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied with your final design. As we progress through each round of changes, we will be in direct communication as you narrow down your options and choose the custom kitchen design that's the best fits your vision..

Once you've finalized your design, your Mania Designer will send you all of the computer renderings and elevation measurements in a PDF file format you'll need to start construction on your kitchen. The kitchen design process is truly 100% all about you - from start to finish!



You're Just 3 Steps Away From a Great Kitchen Design!