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The Significance in Overlay


When building or remodeling a home, cabinets without a doubt are typically area of construction—whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. These are necessary in any home, so obviouslyoverlay terminology knowledge is definitely important when you are actively building cabinets. Cabinet framing can help represent the overall style of the home, giving it it's distinct characteristics that echo its image. One such common term in cabinetry is overlay, which is the size of the cabinet door or drawer compared to the face of the cabinet frame and hinges. A full overlay would cover the entire cabinet and leave a slim area between the door and the rest of the cabinet, giving it a clean contemporary look. This style is known to be the most common, and is seen in most modern homes today. Another type of overlay is the partial overlay, which the door is covered only by a half inch, the rest is covered by a frame, or a reveal that is typically made by glass or other see-through material. This option is considered cheaper than the full overlay, although the full offers more cover for the cabinets which can be deemed necessary in the kitchen or other areas in the household. The reason being is that full wood work is required for the full overlay rather than partial, which usually only needs about a half inch. Another known alternative design is inset, where the door is fitted full flush, making it very closely to the frame. This precision requires such strict accuracy so that there is no space between the door that it makes it the more pricey option between either partial or full overlay. It often requires a custom installation that would make it a job more suited for a professional, rather that a self project that is possible to do with overlay cabinets. Between the inset an overlay, the overlay also gives much more space, as the hinges take up more room in an inset. So if you find that you need more space in your cabinets and need a less expensive option overlay is the more effective constitution than inset.