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Cognac Shaker


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RTA Cognac Shaker Cabinets are truly a style that will make your heart melt a little on the inside. All kidding aside, these RTA cabinets feature a dark burgandy, blended color that truly creates for a modern look of sophistication and of elegance. Cabinet Mania created this with a Mocha colored finish that truly is second to none when it comes to appeal. They really go well with stainless-steel appliances, many different kinds of floors, or with pretty much any kind of kitchen on the market. They will add a style to your kitchen that you didn't even realize you could have. Let us look at these RTA cabinets a little more closely and get into some specifics.


All panels and cabinet boxes are constructed of 100% solid plywood and stained to appeal to the modern customer or someone just looking to add a contemporary look to their kitchen. This adds a strong time frame of usage as well as a look that is rather dark, but remains smooth when considering how it makes the flow or your kitchen look. The interior is this rich mocha color as well, so you will never get enough of this style and look. The drawers' boxes are of the dovetail variety. They feature a strong and tight fit that holds you drawers together while adding another feature that can be made appealing to the eyes. The drawers also feature a soft close, which won't scratch or harm your wood. It creates space to prevent from rubbing as well.


Assembling these RTA Cabinets - Ready to Assemble Cabinets doesn't take that much effort either. In fact, compared to other competing RTA cabinet companies, Cabinet Mania features one of the shorter assembly times and can be done by someone who has never assembled a cabinet before. You will find pieces for your RTA cabinet, four portions (front, back and the two sides) as well as five portions for your drawer (front, back, sides, and underneath). All are attached to each other via the brackets we supply. Each bracket is applied to these panels or fronts/backs and you then tighten them together by using a few screws. Same goes for the drawers, but the other difference in that the sides can be attached with a rubber mallet. Attaching the steel glides is rather simple as well, all you have to do is place the plastic brackets in the cabinet and slide your glides right on. The process remains rather simple throughout for both drawers and RTA cabinets alike, but if you need assistance, check out Cabinet Mani's assembly help videos.


So bring this rich RTA Mocha Cognac Shaker Cabinets flavor into your house today. You definitely won't regret the fact that you did. Remember, assembly is simple, the look and fished product are great, and they withstand the test of time. Check out more of Cabinet Mania's website for all of your cabinet needs.



Style: Shaker
Face Frame: Solid Doors w/ 1/4 Panel
Door Frame: Solid Maple Stained
Door Center: Solid Maple Stained
Sides: 1/2" Solid Plywood
Top & Bottom (Wall): 1/2" Solid Plywood
Bottom (Base): 1/2" Solid Plywood
Back Panel: 1/2" Plywood
Shelves: 3/4" Plywood
Base Cabinet Shelf Depth: 1/2 depth
Drawer Box: 3/4" Hardwood dovetail drawer boxes with 1/2" bottoms
Drawer Glides: Full Extension Soft Close Glides
Base Corner Supports: Wood Blocks
Overlay: Full
Hinges: 6 Way Adjustable
Cabinet Interior: Matches door fronts
Assembly Method: Steel Clip
Toe Kick: 1/2" Plywood Finished
Toe Kicks Included w/Base Cabinets:   Yes
Sides Panels Finished: Yes

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