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Hazelnut Glaze



If you're looking for cabinets that are elegant, durable and affordable, then the RTA Hazelnut Glaze ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets at Cabinet Mania are the way to go. These cabinets are designed to be assembled by anyone with no experience necessary. A hammer and basic screw drivers are all you need to assemble these well crafted beauties.


They are crafted out of solid wood and designed for a modern elegant look with raised crown molding on the door face. Since you assemble them yourself, you cutout the cost of assembly at the shop. This allows you to afford that elegant kitchen of your dreams that you are looking for. Now they have these cabinets in a Hazelnut Glaze finish that gives that fresh wood look to your kitchen that everyone is seeking.


Assembly of the cabinets is easy and fast, that's why they are RTA! I have seen someone with no experience assemble a base cabinet in less then 17 minutes. You can watch the self explanatory video, by just clicking on the assembly tab here on our web page. These RTA cabinets comes with a step by step guide for assembly. There is no cutting and every piece has already been crafted to fit right together. The only tools require are a hammer, and a screwdriver. you can really speed up the process with a screw bit attached to a cordless drill.


There are many sizes and combinations of sizes to create your desired kitchen or bath. We have single based RTA cabinets, double base RTA cabinets, sink base RTA cabinets, drawer based RTA cabinets, and corner based RTA cabinets to get you started. Then you can choose from a variety of wall cabinets that comes in many sizes and with single or double doors. The sizes start out at 12" high wall cabinets,15" high wall cabinets, 18" high wall cabinets, 21", 24", that comes as double door cabinets. Then we have 30", 36", and 42" high wall single door cabinets. Cabinet Mania also carries tall cabinets and oven cabinets. You can get all of these RTA cabinets with a hazel nut glaze finish or any other finishes that Cabinet Mania has to choose from. There is also many bath vanities to choose from. Plus we carry all the accessories needed to finish the job such as, roll out treys, moldings, fillers, and panels.


So get to planning that kitchen now! Feel free to contact us for any help that is needed. Also at the bottom right hand corner of our page we offer specials. Just click on it and find out what our daily deal is and save some money. You will not find any better price for quality then what Cabinet Mania offers.



Style: Raised Panel
Face Frame: Solid Maple
Door Frame: Solid Maple Stained
Door Center: Solid Maple
Sides: 1/2" Solid Plywood
Top & Bottom (Wall): 1/2" Solid Plywood
Bottom (Base): 1/2" Solid Plywood
Back Panel: 1/2" Plywood
Shelves: 3/4" Plywood
Base Cabinet Shelf Depth: 1/2 depth
Drawer Box: 3/4" Hardwood dovetail drawer boxes with 1/2" bottoms
Drawer Glides: Full Extension Soft Close Glides
Base Corner Supports: Wood Blocks
Overlay: Full
Hinges: 6 Way Adjustable
Cabinet Interior: Matches door fronts
Assembly Method: Steel Clip
Toe Kick: 1/2" Plywood Finished
Toe Kicks Included w/Base Cabinets:   Yes
Sides Panels Finished: Yes

Single Base Cabinets

SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/B12
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/B15
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/B18
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/B21
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/BES0924

Double Base Cabinets

SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/B24
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/B27
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/B30
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/B33
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/B36

Sink Base Cabinets

SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/SB33
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/SB36

Drawer Base Cabinets

SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/DB12-3
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/DB15-3
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/DB18-3

Corner Base Cabinets

SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/BBC36
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/BBC42
SKU: Hazelnut Glaze/BLS36