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RTA Platinum Cabinets

RTA Platinum Cabinets are a style that never ages. They create a classic, contemporary look to any kitchen or bathroom. Their painted ivory-like color helps them stand out against darker floors or tiles. This light color can help create that contrast in your kitchen that you have spent countless times searching for. Below are some extra features you will find with Cabinet Mania's RTA Platinum cabinet style.


Their raised panel leaves you with a lot to desire. The borders of the raised panels are the same color with no shading or differing border colors. This helps create for a color scheme that remains consistent throughout the kitchen and gives it an order you can appreciate. Hand-painted maple wood along with plywood comprise the materials used to construct these RTA (ready to assemble) masterpieces. Interiors that share the same colors and vibrant patterns as the exteriors, soft close drawers, and dovetail drawer boxes are just a few other features the consumer can really get excited about. Bring this lighter color scheme into your kitchen to offset darker tones and mesh with alternative patterns you already have in-place on the floors, walls, or ceilings.


Assembly of these RTA platinum cabinets can be completed in timely fashion. You might have to set aside a few hours, but once you assemble the first cabinet, you should be able to create the other ones with ease. The drawers are rather simple as well and once you complete your first, the others will come rather naturally. You will need a rubber hammer or mallet, a screwdriver/power drill, and possibly a level when it comes to placing the cabinets in your walls. Screws are supplied for the assembly of the cabinets, but to insert the assembled cabinets into your walls/drywall, you will need to buy your own screws to ensure a tight hold. Struggling to figure out the assembly portion? Watch the video links provided under the "Assembly" tab.


Bring that hand-painted light color back into your kitchen with RTA Platinum cabinets from Cabinet Mania. It will literally light up the room again and mesh with previous features to create a kitchen you can truly appreciate and enjoy. Bring this classical style back in your life today and enjoy free 10 day shipping from Cabinet Mania when you place your order today! Be sure to check out Cabinet Mania's other products as they continue to produce new items to appeal to all of their customers' needs.



Style: Raised Panel
Face Frame: Solid Maple
Door Frame: Solid Maple Painted
Door Center: MDF Center Panel Painted
Sides: 1/2" Solid Plywood
Top & Bottom (Wall): 1/2" Solid Plywood
Bottom (Base): 1/2" Solid Plywood
Back Panel: 1/2" Plywood
Shelves: 3/4" Plywood
Base Cabinet Shelf Depth: 1/2 depth
Drawer Box: 3/4" Hardwood dovetail drawer boxes with 1/2" bottoms
Drawer Glides: Full Extension Soft Close Glides
Base Corner Supports: Wood Blocks
Overlay: Full
Hinges: 6 Way Adjustable
Cabinet Interior: Matches door fronts
Assembly Method: Steel Clip
Toe Kick: 1/2" Plywood Finished
Toe Kicks Included w/Base Cabinets:   Yes
Sides Panels Finished: Yes


Drawer Base Cabinets

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Single Base Cabinets

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Double Base Cabinets

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Sink Base Cabinets

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Corner Base Cabinets

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