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Spiced Maple


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Spiced Maple RTA cabinets are truly a thing of beauty. The "Spiced" term really fits the description for these types of cabinets because they truly heat up any kitchen. Cabinet Mania has done it again and they are bringing you these easy to assemble cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom. The Spiced Maple cabinets differ from their other products and below you'll find a few perks and additions these cabinets have to make them stand out.


The solid maple stain is at the center of what makes these cabinets desirable. It adds a classic look to a contemporary kitchen. It could also accommodate accenting your tile, hardwood, or concreate flooring. There isn't a kitchen where these things wouldn't stand out in. All panels and drawer pieces you will receive are made of plywood, so durability and withstanding the test of time is never in question. The interior of this cabinet matches the outside, which really leaves no beauty to hide when it comes to how much these things pop. Drawers are under mounted with steel glides that are very easy and simple to install for the consumer. The style is also one of a raised panel which gives each cabinet front an extra edge when it comes to viewing purposes. The modern handles really mesh well with the classic touch of these cabinets. You can please both the modern and classic enthusiast.


Assembly of these cabinet types remains simple and basic for the product at-hand. All of the panels of the cabinet (Sides, front/back) are attached via brackets that you adhere to the panels yourself and secure with screws. By adding a few brackets per panels it can truly help keep these plywood pieces together and in a firm manner. The drawers feature a similar construction pattern. You use a rubber mallet to hammer in the two drawer pieces to the back of your face of the drawer. Then you slide your bottom in and place the back on top of that. The drawers each come with two plastic mounts which you attach to your inner cabinets and place your steel glides on. You than put your drawer in there and are good to go. These cabinets will attach to almost any walls as well, so you pick where you want to put them or set them, that part is up to you.


Spiced Maple cabinets by Cabinet Mania is a nice addition especially around the holidays. It gives a nice warm feeling to your guests and you as well. It is just another creation that Cabinet Mania is happy to supply you with. Look out for more Cabinet Mania products and let us help you create that kitchen you have always dreamed of.



Style: Raised Panel
Face Frame: Solid Maple Stained
Door Frame: Solid Maple Stained
Door Center: Solid Maple Stained
Sides: 1/2" Solid Plywood
Top & Bottom (Wall): 1/2" Solid Plywood
Bottom (Base): 1/2" Solid Plywood
Back Panel: 1/2" Plywood
Shelves: 3/4" Plywood
Base Cabinet Shelf Depth: 1/2 depth
Drawer Box: Hardwood boxes
Drawer Glides: Epoxy Undermounted 
Base Corner Supports: Wood Blocks
Overlay: Full
Hinges: 6 Way Adjustable
Cabinet Interior: Matches door fronts
Assembly Method: Steel Clip
Toe Kick: 1/2" Plywood Finished
Toe Kicks Included w/Base Cabinets:   Yes
Sides Panels Finished: Yes

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