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Self Closing Drawers

What are Self Closing Drawers?

 What are self closing drawers?

Self Closing drawers can often be found in higher end cabinetry as an additional feature with an additional cost. This feature can also be installed in custom made cabinets specifically designed for your home or anywhere you choose to have self closing drawers installed. There is also the option of having the slides installed in your current cabinetry if your planning on remodeling. These slides can be installed on drawers with side mount or bottom mount runners. Specific measurements are required and will ensure a proper fit as well as a quiet, firm close. Self closing drawers are also known as soft closing drawers due to the nature of how they work. They will increase the life of your cabinetry by protecting the finish from slamming drawers and increase the value of your cabinets. The convenience of being able to simply close a drawer with the bump of your hip and it softly and firmly closing is well worth the additional expense. This feature when added to drawers works by using a shock absorber to slow the drawer when it is closing and a spring to firmly pull it closed. The slides glide on a ball bearing system creating a smooth travel and a secure close. The result is a neat and safe appearance to any room you choose to add the mechanism to. There are other benefits as well to this system, for example when the drawers are fully extended they will not fall out. A specially made lock prevents the drawer from falling out like traditional drawers yet allows the drawers to easily be released for cleaning. Special care should be taken to not exceed the weight limit when the drawers are fully extended. This would cause the slides to become bowed or bent preventing them from gliding smoothly in and out of the cabinet. There is also the opportunity to add decorative hardware to the face of the drawer to make opening them easier as well. There are many homes with improperly closing drawers allowing for the opportunity to catch the corner of an open drawer. This can create damage to not only the drawer and its runners or possibly to the cabinets but even worse, to someone passing by. The self closing drawer or soft closing drawer feature is a practical addition to any room to keep it neat and safe for many years to come.