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Sidemounted Glides

Side Mounted Drawer Glides


What Are Side Mounted Drawer Glides?

Side Mounted Drawer Glides

Slide mounted drawer glides attach to the side of a drawer. Mounting drawer slides that are not visible are known as under-mount drawer slides. There are a variety of slide mounting drawer slides. 

Full extension drawer glides are quite popular. In addition, heavy duty full extension drawer glides are also frequently used and can be purchased for about $20.00. In addition, stainless steel full extension drawer glides can be purchased for under $30.00. 

Drawer glides are quite easy to install and come with a variety of options. Options may include soft closing as well as touch release options. There are a variety of sizes available and most are reasonably priced to fit almost any budget. 

*Types of Drawer Glides:

Knape & Vogt has a variety of slide mounting drawer glides available for purchase. The 8400 series is specifically designed for box drawer application. The 8400 series can be purchased online through the Knape and Vogt website. Additional features of the 8400 series include a unique lever disconnect for allows for easy drawer removal. 

The 8450 series side mounted glides by Knape and Vogt provides full extension with force management. The 8450 series allows for easy drawer opening and operation. This model can be purchased for about $45.00. 

*How are Glides Used; Where Are They Used:

Side mounting drawer glides can be used within the kitchen, bathroom as well as utility areas within the home. It important to decide which model suits your current needs. In addition, it is also important to figure out which model fits your current budget.

The self closing model is probably the best choice for use with kitchen drawers. The self closing model for kitchens has a 100 pound weight capacity. The 16 inch length drawer slide for the kitchen will cost roughly $17.00. 

*Shopping For Side Mounted Drawer Glides:

Drawer glides are almost always made from light weight steel for easy installation as well as operation. There are a variety of Interned based websites that currently sell side mounted drawer glides. It is best to do a price comparison before choosing or ordering side mounted glides.